2.5 million Americans employed in clean energy

A report carried out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Dept.of Energy for Environmental Contractors has revealed that 2.5 million Americans work in the clean energy sector.

The report was conducted by BW Research Partnership and, among others, The Solar Foundation, Clean Energy Trust and the Advanced Energy Economy.

The report clearly shows that the clean energy market is booming on American soil, with around 300,000 employees in the solar sector and 77 000 in the wind sector.

There are also 170,000 employees in the area of ​​clean vehicles. Across all the fields, this means that 1.9 million people are employed in positions related to energy efficiency.

The sector therefore appears to have strong potential for growth in the US economy, as it is already showing. With the advent of connected, intelligent technologies and increased publicity and public awareness, it is expected that all sectors connected with energy efficiency will continue to experience strong growth.

Author: greentechjournal

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