Biosealer – Pharmacy Tube Disconnection Tool

BioSealer® TC is a pharmaceutical tube disconnection tool developed by Sartorius. It is a machine for disconnecting tubes that connect two or more process devices. These are typically used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Under certain circumstances, these devices require disconnection. The use of a machine, such as the tube disconnector, is therefore essential. Here is why the Biosealer is necessary, and how to use it.

Biosealer: the Need for this Pharma Tube Disconnection Tool

The BioSealer® TC is a disconnector designed by Sartorius. It is a tube disconnection tool used by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. During certain processes, devices are separated and a sterile disconnector is required to secure the fluids flowing through the thermoplastic tubing.

The BioSealer® TC disconnector is the best solution to ensure safe disconnection of TPE tubing. The device incorporates heat sealing technology that eliminates all forms of elements present on the tubing during disconnection.

Features of the BioSealer® TC Disconnector

This disconnection machine is fully automated. Many different brands of TPE tubing can be disconnected from the BioSealer® TC (Pharmed® BPT, AdvantaFlex®, SaniPure ™ BDF ™ and C-Flex® 374). These tubes are often used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes on disposable assemblies.

The product in the tube can be protected from contamination by using this disconnector. The device can also be used in non-sterile environments. Its robustness allows for reliable and safe sterile disconnection, with more stable welds, a new level of flexibility and more heat-sealing possibilities. In fact, the device can disconnect thermoplastic tubing with outer diameters ranging from ¼”to 1″, whether empty or filled.

How to USe the BioSealer® TC Disconnector?

Sartorius has developed an easy-to-use tube disconnector. Using the touch screen, the material and size of the tubing to be disconnected can be selected by the operator. Setting and closing the clamping jaws at the right time are also instructions that the operator can see and confirm on the screen.

The operator will then have to insert the thermoplastic tube to be disconnected between the jaws. The sealing process is started by a simple click on the screen and the operator will have to follow the instructions.

At the end of the sealing cycle, the lid of the machine reopens automatically. It should be noted that the cycle can last from 1 to 4 minutes, depending on the quality and size of the TPE tube. After a visual inspection, the operator can cut the tube.

The BioSealer® TC is also a transportable pharma tube disconnection tool. The operator can hang it or place it on a table for use. This portability of the device allows the operator to perform a sterile disconnection near the treatment area.