CEPI publish new paper quality standards

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has upgraded its standards and issued new guidelines concerning the quality control of paper required for paper to be accepted for recycling.

This new standard was created in order to better harmonize the implementation of the standard EN 643, which dictates the acceptable quality level for paper recycling.

The EN 643 proposes a tolerance of 1.5% contamination, consequently the new standards will therefore focus on the inspection procedure during quality checks and acceptance or rejection of a consignment.

Thus, the paper must be assembled so as to be easily transported, stored and handled inside facilities, with a strong preference for compact and square bales.

In terms of humidity, it is recommended that each lot must be inspected visually, and, if necessary, humidity control testing should be conducted prior to lot acceptance, with the contamination tolerance to be negotiated between the buyer and seller.


Author: greentechjournal

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