Crowley Carbon: delivering astonishing results


The Dawn Meats factory, located in Ballyhaunis in County Mayo, called upon the services of Crowley Carbon to optimize its energy consumption. The results of this collaboration proved to be even greater than the factory had initially hoped for!

Crowley Carbon installed their flagship product, the Thermal Server, with the aim of heating water for the factory by recovering the waste heat from the plant. There was one slight flaw in this plan, the water in Dawn Meats was too hot!

Charlie Coakley, the sustainable development manager of the group, could only see one solution to this problem: he decided to build a 1km long pipeline and delivered hot water to a neighbouring plant.

Commenting on this decision, Mr Coakley said “People thought we had gone off our rocker, but we have seen a drop of a little over 90 percent in our thermal energy bill – it’s about €250,000 now. The system cost a little over €500,000, meaning a two-year payback which is fantastic.”

Every year, Dawn Meats invests a sum somewhere between half a million and more than one million euros in sustainable development and energy efficiency, and benefits from the advice and free audits of SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – Irish Authority the Sustainable Energy).

This organization suggests that the energy savings generated through simple gestures – turning off lights, installing LEDs – can be very important for SMEs. This is also true for industrial sites, but not at the same level. Indeed, for example, water is often heated using steam systems while installing a boiler such as the Crowley Carbon Thermal Server can clearly work wonders!

Author: greentechjournal

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