Dalkia acquire 75% of shares in TIRU


The French giant Dalkia, a 100% subsidiary of the EDF Group, has taken another step forward in the renewable energy sector by acquiring 75% of the French company TIRU, a specialist in waste recovery energy production.

TIRU, the company for the Industrial Treatment of Urban Waste, was founded in 1922 and was previously 100% owned by EDEV (EDF Environmental Development). The company designs, builds and operates waste treatment plants in both France and the UK and Canada.

TIRU is well known in waste recovery with the company offering three different forms of waste recovery:

  • Waste recovery energy (production of steam and electricity by burning waste);
  • Biological recovery (biogas);
  • Material recovery (sorting and treatment of recyclable waste).


With this acquisition, Dalkia hopes to complement its existing solutions, which are currently based around several different technologies, such as:

  • cogeneration;
  • biomass;
  • geothermal energy;
  • methanation.


Dalkia is responsible for operating many heating networks across France. The principle of a district heating network is to produce heat in a decentralized manner, usually from renewable energy, to supply large urban areas. These district heating networks can drastically lower the energy costs for end users and communities.

Jean-Michel Mazalérat, CEO of Dalkia, commented on the news, saying:

“Energy recovery allows us to fully exploit the energy resources of the local area and places us at the heart of the circular economy model. Promoting the production of energy from waste recovery when not recycled for use in heating networks, for example, is a major element of the energy transition law. The Dalkia Group is delighted to acquire TIRU whose expertise in the production of green energy will be of great interest and benefit to our customers.”

This acquisition, as Henri La Fontaine, Executive Director of EDF in charge of Pole Clients, Services and Regional Action, noted, forms part of the EDF Group’s “Cap 2030” strategy:

“In the current environment geared towards energy transition, the reconciliation between TIRU and Dalkia offers prospects for growth and value creation for customers. It is part of the EDF’s Cap 2030 strategy and reinforces the Group’s ambition to become a leading energy service provider in France and abroad.”


Author: greentechjournal

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