Engie invest in natural gas as a biofuel

The French giant Engie this week expressed its willingness to invest in natural gas as fuel. The investment, which is expected to amount to 100 million euros by 2020, involves the construction of compressed natural gas stations and liquified natural gas carriers providing fleets with natural gas and biogas.

Engie claims that the development of this sector in Europe depends on its investments, and 30 CNG stations will be built in France and up to 70 LNG station in the rest of Europe.

This is not a first for the French group, which has been operating 140 CNG stations for 15 years now and participated in the commissioning of four LNG stations in France and the Netherlands. If trucks are their main target at this moment, Engie also intends to propose a fuel supply for sea and inland waterway transport. A supply vessel is due to service the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium in late 2016.

The French gas giant also claims that the latter is an essential part of the energy transition towards more sustainable transport as it makes it possible to reduce emissions and noise, while being suitable for transporting people and goods over all distances.

This announcement marks an important step forward for Engie in its commitment to a greener world. A major investment like this will surely develop the sector beyond the 3000 CNG stations and 75 LNG stations that the European territory currently boasts.

Author: greentechjournal

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