France to host national composting week

April 1st sees the start of the neighbourhood composting week, an event sponsored by ADEME, the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management.

The aim of this initiative is to promote local composting through the organization of events in many municipalities in France.

At the time of publication, nearly 300 events are planned in more than 150 municipalities, giving a total of around 1,000 hours of accumulated animation.

Through these events, it is hoped to raise awareness about reducing the amount of household waste and their recovery, in particular through composting, which also avoids the unnecessary purchase of fertilizers, which are often based on synthesised chemical products.

If ADEME is more often recognised for vocationally referred initiatives in the industry or transport sector, with this initiative it is lending its support to a demonstration destined for the wider public.

The agency hopes that this week of Composting Awareness will also help reduce waste and help educate the public on other means of energy recovery, such as anaerobic digestion, which is an often overlooked source of energy.

Author: greentechjournal

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