French wind energy industry relieved

Following on from yesterday’s story that the proposed wind energy bill had drawn sharp criticism from France Énergie Éolienne (France Wind Energy), the association have today released a second press statement.

Debate is focused on the legal obligation for companies to consult a regional commission for any wind project, which, according to the association, made the commissioning process longer and even more difficult.

The new FEE press release today, indicates that the association was satisfied with the return the group had received on their provision yesterday. The association said that it recognised the ‘government’s political will to support the development of wind power in France but also to keep its commitments to the energy transition law.”

The association had previously outlined its objections to the proposals which could have significantly delayed the administrative procedures for project development, by increasing the need for permits. This was particularly frustrating since, according to the FEE, in France projects took 6-8 years to complete, compared to the 2-4 years needed in Germany, which does not promote the development of the sector.

Olivier Perot, President of FEE, today said “The wind industry is competitive and is based on a strong industrial base, located at the heart of our territories. These companies of all sizes hire and create added value, as evidenced by the 2,000 local jobs created in one year in the sector. ”

If the sector is at least partially relieved, it is not completely content, saying that it would “maintain [its] vigilance following the review of the legislation. ”


Author: greentechjournal

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