Interview with Thibault Soleilhac of Hélios Avocats

The following is a short excerpt from an exclusive interview with Thibault Soleilhac, from the law firm Helios Avocats, that we have recently published.

In the interview Mr Soleilhac addresses the major challenges of environmental law for business following COP21 and the changes that companies should expect as a result.

According to Soleilhac, “Companies must see these regulatory changes as opportunities and not as constraints. Contrary to received opinion, strong environment regulations, although somewhat constrictive, still contributes to the development of a subsidiary. The law provides companies with an opportunity to reduce costs, an opportunity to develop their R & D alone or in partnership, an opportunity to stand out from the competition and gain new markets. Consequently, it is above all essential that companies monitor the changes in regulations. ”

Mr Soleilhac continued, stating ” Companies are in direct contact with the reality of the changing world in which raw materials will become scarcer and more expensive, where consumer demand is going to be different. Just as in finance or technology, the sector is in the process of integrating environmental constraints into its calculations for these reasons. There’s still a lot of work to be done in this area, and this is a fantastic opportunity for the most visionary and innovative companies. ”


The full interview with Thibault Soleilhac can be read here

Author: greentechjournal

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