KMG become Tricel



In 1998, all of the companies in the Killarney Plastics Group were grouped under the banner KMG (Killarney Manufacturing Group). Today, the KMG group is being rebranded as Tricel.

The Tricel company, which began as a subsidiary of the KMG group, has been a huge success and an important development in recent years, at both European level and internationally.

The KMG group has announced plans to build on this success by bringing together its activities under the name Tricel, from the 28th of March, 2014.

All of the companies in the group are affected by this change, which sees four divisions of Tricel being created:

Tricel Water Storage – Products dedicated to storing water

Tricel Environmental – Products for individual sanitation (sewage stations and micro-compact filters)

Tricel Construction – Building materials and fibreglass

Tricel Materials


The Killarney Plastics company began its activity in the 1970s, originally operating mainly in the fibreglass derivatives sector before then branching out into many other industries. Today’s announcement would appear to confirm that personal sanitation has been the most profitable aspect of this branching out into other sectors.

Author: greentechjournal

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