Mayor calls for less traffic in Paris

On Tuesday, April 5, the Socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo spoke on the French media station RTL of “sending a message” to the government, whom she wants she to establish the decrees necessary to implement pollution control measures the capital.

If the proposed decrees are passed, all petrol and diesel engine cars produced before January 1, 1997 will be forbidden from being on the road between 8 am and 8pm, as well as being forced to display a special sticker.

“This is a policy guided by a public health goal. I’m tired of Paris being subjected to pollution peaks. Pollution kills. Paris is not a highway, there are other modes of transport, ” argued Ms. Hidalgo.

If this kind of measure can be difficult to take into account for the less fortunate motorists and, in the long run, probably for all motorists, Hidalgo believes that they are necessary measures in preserving of a minimum quality of air in the capital and in major provincial cities.

It is estimated that each year pollution kills 7 million people worldwide.

Author: greentechjournal

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