MBRAUN LABstar Glove Box

An Mbraun LABstar glove box is a piece of equipment designed to protect sensitive products from any risk of contamination. Widely used in the field of research and development, the Mbraun LABstar glove box is ready to use. This type of equipment is specificially designed and manufactured to adapt to the constraints of different applications.

Mbraun LABstar glove box

Ready to use, the Mbraun LABstar glove box is designed for use in university or industrial laboratories. The different types of research and development of emerging technologies are carried out within these laboratories. Some of these emerging technologies include soldering, OLED/PLED, lithium batteries, and chemicals. The use of this hermetic enclosure thus allows researchers to carry out their experiments in complete safety and in a clean atmosphere.

Made from stainless steel, the Mbraun LABstar glove box features a main antechamber, a stand, a controller, a PLC-M as well as a vacuum pump with rotating vanes. The hermetic enclosure also incorporates an automatic and fully adjustable inert gas purification unit. The oxygen and humidity levels inside the equipment are maintained at 1 ppm. The modularity of its design facilitates its extension. The equipment can operate in overpressure and underpressure for closed loop circulation. Many applications can use the Mbraun LABstar glove box such as batteries, laboratory, chemistry, OLED / Electronics, OPV, etc.

Jacomex: manufacturer of glove boxes

Working in the field of designing and manufacturing glove boxes, Jacomex is an internationally recognised company. Various pieces of equipment, both standard and custom-made, are produced by Jacomex for various applications in the heavy industry, nuclear, energy, research and pharma-medical sectors.

Jacomex’s goal in the design of its glove boxes is to offer these sectors a high level of sealing and safety. The manufacture of the containment equipment complies with norms and standards.

Standard glove boxes, such as the GP(Concept) and the GP(Campus) are also produced by the company. For precision, the GP(Concept) can also be made to measure. The G(Box) is a glove box manufactured by Jacomex for industry and research. This equipment is modular, with a regulated atmosphere. For industry professionals, the company offers the G(Mega), which is a glove box allowing industrial players to have a large volume containment tool which allows for the incorporation of a robot within it.

Jacomex also manufactures the G(Iso), a high security glove box, like the Mbraun LABstar glove box, designed to operate in overpressure or under pressure. Jacomex equips its optional glove boxes with accessories and equipment so that they can be both more efficient and more comfortable. These equipment and accessories include filters, gas purifiers, analyzers, bushings, etc. Send a quote request to the Jacomex team if you want to avail of the best equipment.