MBRAUN Unilab Glove Box

The Mbraun UNIlab glove box is specially designed for pharmaceutical and medical industrial processes as well as chemical and physical research. These processes require protection against environmental contamination. Find out  everything there is to know about the Mbraun UNIlab glove box below.

What is the purpose of the Mbraun UNIlab glove box?

An Mbraun UNIlab glove box and a clean room can have identical characteristics. However, what differentiates the Mbraun UNIlab glove box is its compact, enclosed and waterproof structure. Practically, a glove box makes it possible to handle products, dangerous or sensitive objects, and chemical compounds by controlling the atmosphere.

The transparent walls of the glove box ensure operators have improved visibility while carrying out manipulations in the enclosure. For safe handling, the operator uses gloves attached to the walls.

The modular form of the Mbraun UNIlab glove box is specially designed to comply with the constraints of various applications. It is considered to be the most universal piece of equipment in the industry. As a containment enclosure, the Mbraun UNIlab glove box offers operators and researchers various configurations including a gas purification system and a touch screen monitor.


In addition to the monitor, the principal features of the Mbraun UNIlab glove box are:

  • Single or double sided;
  • Easy expansion through modular design;
  • Powerful gas purification unit, a PLC-M, UNIlab SP/DP;
  • Operates in positive and negative pressure;
  • Closed loop circulation;
  • H2O and O2 <1ppm.


  • Batteries
  • OPV
  • OLED / Organic Electronics
  • Research Laboratories and chemistry

Other glove box manufacturers

There are of course many different models of glove boxes, designed and manufactured by other manufacturers on the market. In addition to Mbraun, which manufactures the UNIlab model, one of the most notable manufacturers is Jacomex, a company offering different models of glove boxes specifically designed for professionals.

Jacomex manufactures different models of glove boxes from stainless steel. These models incorporate a transfer airlock to facilitate the introduction or extraction of elements, without breaking the containment. The ventilation systems have filters at the inlet and outlet that effectively protect the product, the operator and the environment.

The protection offered by the various glove boxes manufactured by Jacomex is unequaled. Its models are capable of operating in depression to deliver effective protection from hazardous substances. The operator and the environment’s safety are thus guaranteed. With an overpressure function, the process is secure, with containment of the products under an inert atmosphere. Jacomex also offers versatile glove boxes, which have the ability to provide operator, process and environmental protection.

Jacomex creations are intended for various processes, such as microelectronics, aeronautical manufacturing, the production of drugs, the construction of optics, the preparation of sterile pharmaceutical products and many others. Many different sectors greatly benefit from the use of glove boxes (biotechnology, nuclear, pharma-medical, etc.). In terms of containment, each device designed and manufactured by Jacomex offers a high level of security.