Postponement of decree governing air quality in pre-schools

By a decree of August 17, 2015, the establishment of an air monitoring device inside in collective care institutions for children under six and kindergartens, initially scheduled for 1 January 2015 has been postponed to 1 January 2018. This will be followed by an equivalent decree for recreation centres, schools and colleges on 1 January 2020, before a series of other facilities (swimming pools, hospitals …) on 1 January 2023.

This surveillance includes an assessment of the aeration means of buildings and measurement of pollutants campaign.

The decree also provides for the measurement campaign polluting establishments have in place special arrangements to prevent the quality of indoor air in conditions laid down by order: choice of cleaning products and furniture design and maintenance of ventilation systems, tenant awareness to the quality of indoor air …

It also removes the requirement for accreditation of bodies carrying assessing aeration means buildings. It provides that accredited organizations that carried the pollutant measurement campaigns communicate the results of measurements made in a national body appointed by decree.

The decree grants, when at least one pollutant measured the result of the tests exceeds certain thresholds, a period of two months to the owner or operator of the facility to hire the expertise needed to identify the cause pollution.

Author: greentechjournal

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