Smartbin, the Irish company reinventing smart recycling


Brendan Walsh, CEO of the Irish company SmartBin, introduced the company’s intelligent recycling technology during a session at Cleantech Forum 2016 in Lyon.

The company produces sensors intended to be installed inside containers which can measure how full the container is regardless of the type of waste.

The company claim that their application makes it possible to optimize waste collection, plot truck stops and frequency of waste collection, etc.

The company further claim that their technology can help save up to 40% of costs.

This reduction in costs is due to several factors:

Firstly, fuel consumption is reduced because companies no longer need to go to collect empty containers. Secondly, the work force needed to carry out waste collection is also greatly reduced thanks to this optimization. Finally, optimization of existing assets allows companies to make money by being proactive, optimizing the waste collection can, for example, reduce the need for additional trucks.

In terms of technical details, the sensor is installed in the container and is able to monitor containers up to eight metres in height and communicates via cellular network with the monitoring and optimization system. To date, about 10 000 sensors have been installed, mostly in North America but the company is, as its presence in Lyon confirms, looking to make inroads in the European market. At the present time, the company have confirmed that their technology has been adopted by a hundred companies and they state that they are confident that their client portfolio will continue to grow.

Author: greentechjournal

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