Vinci Energies launch innovative investment fund


Vinci Energies have just announced the launch of Inerbiz, a new investment fund to help support innovative startups.

The goal of the group is to help its customers cope with two major changes, namely digital transformation and energy transition. Five major themes have been addressed by the group:

  • cities
  • buildings
  • future industries
  • Future energies
  • smart networks

Yves MeigniƩ, the CEO of Vinci Energies, stressed the cohesion of the project with the general strategy of the group:

“Each of our 1600 business is an ideal place for innovation. They have the agility to detect opportunities in the field and develop a collaborative approach with partners to accelerate the implementation of innovative service offerings for the benefit of their clients.

Inerbiz fully corresponds to our model based on entrepreneurship and networking expertise. It complements our development model, based primarily on the acquisition of mature companies. ”

The group also stipulates that investments will be in the initial stage of business development, while partnerships will be managed by a collaborator of the group acting as mentor.

In addition to announcing this news, Vinci also revealed that the fund had made its first investment in the Dutch startup, HAL24K, a specialist in the treatment of big data for smart cities.

The startup, which already has offices on two continents (San Francisco, Amsterdam and London) uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide information to decision makers in cities, governments and businesses from predictive analysis of various data in real time.

These tools can be used in preventive maintenance of infrastructure, for example, to help solve parking problems or traffic forecasts.

Author: greentechjournal

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